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stand up comedian

Kathe Farris is a Boston-based stay-at-home mom, stand-up comedian, and snack cake enthusiast. She hit the comedy scene a little late in life with a different point of view and killer material. After becoming a Comic-in-Residence at The Comedy Studio and a finalist in the Boston Comedy Festival, she recently recorded her national debut with a Dry Bar Comedy Special.


With an eye for detail and an understated edge that speaks to grandparents and frat bros alike, Kathe performs regularly at everything from corporate events to a basement show full of crust punks (one time, went great). Her weekly show, Farris and Friends Comedy Hour, even became "The Boston Globe's Critics Choice." They didn't give her a plaque so she made one. She'll show you later.


It's with this experience and insight that Kathe helps to instruct and develop aspiring stand ups in the Boston comedy scene. Providing pragmatic instruction, tried-and-true approaches to mechanics, and personalized feedback, she spent four years running one of the city's most popular workshops, sponsored by Boston Comedy Chicks. Bringing the same approach to her current role on the teaching staff at Improv Boston, she's helped every kind of would-be comedian take the stage with confidence. For more information about Kathe, comedy classes or just want to chat about snack cakes

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