Comedy Bootcamp with Kathe Farris

Comedy Bootcamp is a program designed to keep aspiring comedians inspired, disciplined  and accountable.

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"I loved the bootcamp. The feedback I received was super helpful and gave me the motivation to start writing again. I can’t wait for the next one!"

                          - Kathy Gilmour

"Kathe's online bootcamp was the perfect way to kickstart my comedy writing again. Her feedback brings out the best part of your material and keeps you motivated to write more. Added bonus - getting to connect with other comedians and learn from them, too. I not only wrote new material, I see the world in a different way - with an eye and ear for comedy. If you want to give your comedy a boost (or just need a laugh during a pandemic) I highly recommend Kathe's online bootcamp."

                   - Stacey Hamwey Shipman

"Comedy bootcamp was a fun and convenient way to practice your comedy. Being able to submit your daily task at your leisure without any added pressure was very helpful. Recording your joke daily was beneficial and a good way to review your jokes. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kathe, before. She’s one of the best comedy teachers I’ve had, if not the best. She’s supportive provides great feedback and provides a low key and comfortable environment. I’d recommend this class to anyone in comedy at any level."

                                          - Greg McMorrow

"Kathe Farris’ bootcamp was the exact workout my comedy muscles needed to get back in shape! Not only did I leave with new material to flex at my next show but I also got to network with a new troop of comics from all over the country. Kathe Farris is the perfect comedy drill Sargent! I would recommend this course to comics of every level."

                              - Kristy Kielbasinski